Are courses customizable?

We will customize a template to meet your needs. Change the flow of the course, add/remove content, etc… Instructors have the ability to further make changes to the course on the fly. Instructors resource center has step-by-step instructions on how to make changes to your course. 

Can I override grades gradebook?

Yes. The gradebook is editable by the instructor. But be aware that grades affect course ranking, content completion and many other aspects of the course.

Are the course mobile compatible?

Yes. Our courses can be accessed from any modern web browser, mobile or on a desktop. In addition, we offer mobile apps for Android and iOS.

What forms of payment are accepted?

For bulk purchases, a digital invoice will be issued, and payments can be made with check or credit card.

Can I add my own content to the course?

Yes. You may upload as much content as you need. You may add to the quizzes, forums questions, assignments, etc… Our Instructors Resource Center has training videos on all those tasks.