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Presented in short content bits, reinforced by assignments and activities, the content is easily retained.

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Our learning management system is robust, and made available cost free to instructors. Customize your course fully to meet your needs.


Meets and exceeds National Standard Curriculum set forth by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 2021 National EMS Education Standards compliant.

Adult learning data suggest that typical learner attention span wanes after about
15 to 20
minutes .

We have designed an EMT program that keeps students engaged at every step. We break complex content, into short bits that are easily consumed at the learners pace. These learning bits are continually reinforced via online assignments and exercises. Live classroom activities, further reinforce the foundation built by our online content. We curated the content carefully, utilizing industry experts to provide not only the education requirements, but also the real life application of patient care delivery.

 Designed to meet the 2021 National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards as outlined by NHTSA

A portion of all proceeds go to EMT program scholarships…


The Case for Change

Students rarely read assigned chapters. And when they do, it’s nearly impossible to decipher the must learn from the good to know. Vital information is often missed in the learning process. Every section we present works on reinforcing must learn information.


We highlight important components every step of the way, reinforcing must know information not only to pass the exam, but also for everyday practice in the field.


We teach with humor, to engage the student and make the information memorable. The best learning happens when students are having fun.


Our courses are completely customizable to you, from structure to branding. We have you covered. 


No Tiered pricing. Our flipped EMT course costs 1/3 of the competitors. We have no add-ons. You get full access and we discount bulk purchase.

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