What makes us great

Our program has been designed from the ground up to meet the learning styles of today’s learners. We present ideas in small chunks, reinforced by exercises and activities to ensure that its well absorbed..


We introduce concepts in short, easy to absorb training videos. This allows students to concentrate on sections that they find complex.

Interactive Exercises

After learning a short concept, we reinforce it with exercises, games, questions/answers, animations, Flash Cards, etc… This allows for easy memorization of new content.

Simple Flow

Our course is easy to follow. With one linear path toward completion, students do not get lost in the content, while allowing them to move ahead  of classmates if they wish.

Hands On Videos

We created a library of hands on skill videos that would reinforce concepts needed for successful practical sessions and a passing the certification exams.

responsive LMS

Built on the Moodle platform, our LMS will be very familiar to many educators. Our customized version adds mobile support via iOS and Android apps, gamification, leader boards and much more. Our courses are completely customizable to your needs. 

Excellent support

Our incentives align. Your success, means repeat business for us. We will work to customize your courses to meet your needs. We will address any issues that come up promptly and 

This course is never complete

Like fine wine, our EMT course will only get better with time. We are continually creating new animations, content, exercises, summaries, … We do one thing, and we do it well. Our course is never complete.